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Clyde is a 7 year old Basset Hound.  His owner took him to his local veterinarian when he was just showing vague signs of not feeling well.  His veterinarian diagnosed Clyde with bloat and referred him to Oradell Animal Hospital. 

When in route to our hospital, Clyde’s owner’s car broke down.  We were very nervous as we did not hear from the owner for awhile as bloat is a condition that needs immediate attention.

The owner finally called us. A team of 3 staff members from our critical care services department met Clyde and his owner.  They assisted with CPR and other interventions in the field.

Both owner and pet were transported to our hospital and upon arrival Clyde was in the throws of cardiac arrest.  He was resuscitated and temporarily came about and arrested a second time.  At that point, he was stabilized and brought immediately to surgery.  Clyde has recuperated nicely and is back to his normal, perky self.