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Hi Dr. Sartor, 

Mia & I just wanted to give you a little update about our cat Bailey, who was at Oradell Animal Hospital one year ago this month.  He is doing fantastic and it is just amazing.  When we brought him to you, we truly believed you were his last hope.  Especially after our regular veterinarian told us she thought he needed to be put down with what she believed was a lymphoma in his lower intestine.   You took such good care of him when we brought him to you.  He was very sick.  When he had a relapse two weeks later and we called you (you gave us your cell number because you were on vacation) after our veterinarian gave us that news, you gave us hope.  You told us not to do anything  except to bring in him “for a follow up” so you and your associates could look at him.  You took care of him again, gave him a script for prednosone (which he still takes 1/2 pill a day), and he has slowly gotten better ever since.  It turned out that his colitis or irritable bowel syndrome was brought on by the stress of the loss of his 12 year old sister Brieanna the month before, and the addition of his two new playmates, Blue & Berri.  

Bailey will be turning 10 next month and he is as happy and playful as he has ever been.  He has adjusted to his new brother & sister, and we believe now that they are actually good for him and keep him younger.  He sleeps with them, plays with them, eats with them, and brawls with them.  Ok, so it is not always peaches & cream with the 3 of them, but for the most part it is a very loving household.  Bailey is more friendly with us, and he sleeps and eats better and very consistantly.  He also wants attention from us more then ever and he purrs so much when you sit with him and talk to him and stroke him. 

So, we just wanted to let you know how well he is doing and to say thanks again to you and all the great people at Oradell Animal Hospital that took such good care of him. 


Mia, Mike Smith, and Bailey


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