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Q:  My cat is 6 years old. He has black spots under his chin. They first showed up a few months ago & I had read that you could put peroxide on them to clear it up.  They had disappeared for a while but now came back and just won’t go away. He had been eating from a plastic bowl but now he only eats from glass dishes as I heard that plastic could cause that problem.  Is there anything I can do or should he go to the doctor and have them checked?


A:  Your cat likely has feline chin acne, which is usually the appearance of comedones (blackheads) in the area of the chin and lips of cats.  Many cases never progress past this stage are mostly a cosmetic concern, but many times there is an underlying problem or infection that needs to be addressed and can lead to bigger oozing lesions.  Things that need to be ruled out are bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections which can be done relatively easily by your veterinarian and treated appropriately.  Your vet can also prescribe a gentle antiseptic solution to scrub the area clean.  This syndrome can also be secondary to a contact allergy and therefore (as you have done) glass or stainless steel bowls that are washed regularly are your best choice.

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