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Medical Boarding

We provide medical boarding at Oradell Animal Hospital for those patients that need special care not provided by conventional boarding facilities. This typically includes patients that need special round the clock care, patients that need oral medications administered to them, patients that have had feeding tubes placed, and patients that need subcutaneous fluids given to them at regular intervals. Our most common medical boarding patients are those with diabetes and those with kidney problems. In order to set up an appointment for medical boarding you must have authorization from your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will determine whether or not medical boarding is necessary for your pet. If you are not a regular client of ours, you will need to set up an appointment for an examination by an Oradell Animal Hospital veterinarian prior to boarding. During this examination your pet will be given a comprehensive examination and the veterinarian will discuss any specific needs your pet may have. Please make sure that your pet has been updated on all vaccinations including Bordetella by your regular veterinarian and bring all pertinent information about your pet’s condition with you to this visit.

We do not have a separate boarding facility. All pets that are boarded are integrated with our in-house patients.