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The beautiful statue in the photo below of a Basset Hound and child was donated to Oradell Animal Hospital by our dedicated client of many years, Jerry Mandel.  Norman and Bongo, who the statue is dedicated to were Jerry’s first two Basset Hounds who were cared for by several doctors here at our hospital.  Dr Carol Carberry was Norman’s surgeon, Dr. Kerry Bailey, Norman’s nuerologist and Dr. Dennis Bailey, Norman’s oncologist. Dr. Stephen Brenn was Bongo’s oncologist.

The relationship of owner, pet and animal hospital was limitless.  Jerry continues to visit Oradell Animal Hospital for the healthcare of his six remaining Basset Hounds, Max, Lilly, Claudia, Bernice, Debra and Julia.

Here at our hospital Jerry knows he will receive the clinical excellence, compassionate care and exceptional service that he deserves.

Norman and Bongo will always remain in our hearts.


From left to right: Dr. Paul Gambardella, Dr. Anthony Palminteri,

Dr. William Stockman, Jerry Mandel